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I took my 4 Runner in to Haley Toyota on Midlothian Tpk in Richmond, VA for a 30K mile service and alignment, which costs $477 (no repairs) supposedly with my coupon (don't know if they actually applied it or not). I marked my tires as I always do, and when I got home, I realized they had not rotated my tires.

I called them and they said the mechanic didn't feel it was necessary to rotate because of the wear and cupping on the back tires (whch are less than 1 year old, b.t.w.). This is more reason to rotate them! They said they took the tires off and balanced them, however, but the air in all 4 tires was 10 lbs. under the recommended 45 lbs.

Also, there is a split in one of the rear tires. If they had looked at or touched my tires, wouldn't they have notified me of this? (A state inspection was also done) I feel if they didn't rotate them and check the air, then they probably weren't balanced either.

I'm also wondering what else wasn't done: oil change, etc.

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four runner tire preasures are 26 front 29 rear not 45. at 45 yousir are overinflating and damaging your tires and vehicle.

You really need to read your owners manual and if you look on the driverside door jam you will see a tire inflation sticker there and the technition was correct for plascing the better tires on the front of your 4 runner. Sir may I add before making a complaint like this you need to know propper care and service of you toyota. By the way I am a Certified Toyota Technition and have over 30 years experience. If you want to contact me regaurding your toyota and its care I'd be willing to help you out,but please dont complain if you are the one making the mistake.

The 45 psi you are reading on the tire is its max inflation rating when you put 45psi in it and drive the tire heats up and then exccedes its max preasure you are just asking for tire failure from a blowout and a possible accident involving a rollover oh and one last thing you are also causing braking issues that you may or maynot have noticed yet from the over inflation. Roger_h60@yahoo.com

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